Startup Splash Screens

Starting with the forthcoming 4.3 software release, we will support (and strongly encourage) splash screens for Roku Channels. These splash screens are shown immediately when you channel launches, before any code is executed, so the user gets immediate feedback.

To add the splash screen, add three new lines into your manifest file:

splash_screen_hd=pkg:/images/<hd splash screen image>
splash_screen_sd=pkg:/images/<sd splash screen image>

The images you specify will be centered in the screen over the background color specified by splash_color. An easy way to get going is to simply use your current homescreen icons, so these lines might look like this:


A couple of considerations for creating and using splash screen images:

  • images must be in your channel package, they can’t be remotely hosted.
  • consider using fairly small images to keep your package size down. Larger packages may not fit on some user’s Roku players if they have a large number of channels installed, and if your package is over 750kb, it may be limited to Roku 2 units only.

While this requires version 4.3 or later, earlier software releases will ignore these new items in the manifest and function correctly, though without the splash screen.

Let us know if you have any questions

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  • FB

    Anything else we should prepare for in 4.3? Looks like UK already runs on this software… Thank you.

    • Stephen Lovell

      When placed in my channel package it is not showing up. When I link to thenm they are working.

  • What’s the maximum file size and image dimensions for the splash screen?

    • Garret,

      I’m not sure if there is a limit to file size, but with image sizes you’re looking at the following:

      HD: 1280×720 (Keep in mind the action safe zone is1150X578)
      SD: 720×480 (Action zone is 648×432)

      I hope this helps 🙂

  • How do you change the length of time the splash screen displays? I noticed GETV has a nice one that displays for about 10 seconds.

  • I have Roku 4.3 (at least it says I do) but I do not see the splash screen. I have tried .jpg and .png files. I also tried resizing the files to 1280×720 for HD and 720×480 for the SD file. Nothing appears. Not even the loading screen background color.

    • Anonymous

      I am having the same experience. Splash screen will not show after first time run.

  • Guest

    I would like to develop a “roku widget” that pops-up at bottom of screen when it receives some notification from my server. Is this possible today?

  • Bandal

    Here is what is in my manifest file and my splash screen is full screen and timer.

    title=Test Channel
    subtitle=Test This Channel

  • Klimov

  • Jonathan safa

    I am having trouble creating a simple white SplashScreen startup color. I have typed in the values #FFFFFF, and #ffffff – nothing appears to work.

  • SCTR

    It would be great if we could add the channel/apps’ version number to this screen, and perhaps any other random small bit of text.

  • fari23

    Can we use a video instead of the image in splashscreen???

  • satish

    can we use the virtual roku device App instead of roku device?

  • Xavier Serrano

    can i have more than one splash screen

  • The Beast

    can i add a splash video for roku?

  • Shiyloh

    Can we add a video instead of a image.

  • Shiyloh

    Can we have a splash video instead of a image?