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Roku OS 7: Developer Highlights

The future of TV is easy on-demand access to great content and Roku OS 7 enables developers to build amazing channel experiences for Roku streamers!  Here are a few features from our latest operating system release that you can start building with today:

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Hired Guns Needed

We often receive inquiries from content owners or distributors that want to use Roku to deliver their content to the TV’s of Roku customers.  Many times, they are unable to build the channel in-house due to resource constraints, so they … Continue reading

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15 Million Channel Downloads and Counting

In case you missed it, earlier this week we put out a press release and a nice-looking graph to highlight how much the Channel Store has grown and how much people have used it to find new Channels.  To date … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Roku Developer Blog

There has to be a first post, and this is it. Welcome to the Roku Developer Blog. We want to use this to use this platform to provide the Roku developer community with information that helps you build great channels … Continue reading

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