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Developer roadmap: SceneGraph visual screen components

Overview In January, we announced our plans to sunset the legacy BrightScript visual screen components, meaning all Roku channels will need to use Roku SceneGraph (RSG) for their UI by January 1st, 2019. After this date, the legacy components will … Continue reading

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Developer highlights for Roku OS 7.6

Roku OS 7.6 begins rolling out to Roku devices today. With this latest firmware update, we’ve introduced new developer tools and APIs to increase channel performance and improve the end-user experience.

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Introducing RAF 2.0: Native RAF integration for SceneGraph

  Overview Since 2015, Roku developers have been able to incorporate relevant, targeted video ads into their channels with just a few lines of code by leveraging the Roku Ad Framework (RAF). Now, with the introduction of RAF 2.0, publishers … Continue reading

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Renew membership in the Roku Beta Developer Program

We’re gearing up to begin shipping beta builds of our Spring 2017 OS release! Previous participants can renew their membership in just 60 seconds by logging into the project and signing our latest NDA agreement. Enrollment is also open for new developers — … Continue reading

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Sunsetting the legacy Roku SDK visual screens

Overview In October 2015, Roku introduced our new user interface programming API, Roku SceneGraph (RSG). Since then we’ve seen great adoption from our developer community, leveraging the framework’s ability to build beautiful, custom-designed channels. In order to modernize the Roku experience, we will … Continue reading

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Channel certification checklist — Version 3.0

Overview In order to assure the general functionality of channels on the Roku platform, all channels submitted to the Roku Channel Store must first be certified for publication. In an effort to streamline QA testing demands on developers, we’ve condensed the pre-certification checklist down … Continue reading

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Dolby Audio on Roku

Users are increasingly using their Roku™ devices as the centerpiece of their home media experience. While Roku devices have long supported the most common audio formats and codecs, Roku Ultra is the latest device in the Roku lineup to provide … Continue reading

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New self-service tool for buying Roku ads

New tool allows publishers to buy ads on the Roku platform Overview 2016 marked the first year that digital ad spending has caught up with traditional TV, reflecting the growing trend of cord-cutters switching to streaming services. With millions of … Continue reading

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Release Notes: RAF 1.9.6

Overview The Roku Ad Framework (RAF) is a library that extends the Roku SDK to support video ad integration. This week we released the latest update to the library, RAF 1.9.6. For more information about RAF and its benefits, read our Getting Started … Continue reading

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Updates to the Roku plugin for Eclipse

Latest version includes enhanced code completion and bug fixes Overview In April, we introduced the Roku plugin for the Eclipse IDE to simplify Roku development, debugging, and local deployment. The main features included: Code highlighting & syntax coloring to make your code easily readable … Continue reading

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