New web tools for faster development on Roku

Screenshot of the Deep Linking Tester Tool web UI

The Developer Dashboard contains many tools to help build beautiful, functioning Roku channels. In October, we added the ability to access crash logs and channel analytics. Now, we’ve introduced three web tools for speedier development, QA testing, and certification testing.


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Dolby Audio on Roku


Users are increasingly using their Roku™ devices as the centerpiece of their home media experience. While Roku devices have long supported the most common audio formats and codecs, Roku Ultra is the latest device in the Roku lineup to provide direct decoding of Dolby Audio™.
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New self-service tool for buying Roku ads

New tool allows publishers to buy ads on the Roku platform

Roku Self Serve


2016 marked the first year that digital ad spending has caught up with traditional TV, reflecting the growing trend of cord-cutters switching to streaming services. With millions of active users and billions of hours streamed, the Roku platform offers an effective way for publishers to reach a large, engaged, and targeted audience.

To help publishers and channel owners promote their channels, we’ve introduced the Roku Self-Serve Promotions tool. This tool allows anyone to buy targeted display ads on the Roku home screen.


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Release Notes: RAF 1.9.6


The Roku Ad Framework (RAF) is a library that extends the Roku SDK to support video ad integration. This week we released the latest update to the library, RAF 1.9.6.

For more information about RAF and its benefits, read our Getting Started guide and SDK documentation.

Major changes

  • New Brightline template available for enhanced interactive functionality
  • TrueX bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • SmartXML – resolves AdReplica tracking issue for FreeWheel customers using SmartXML for client side parsing and rendering

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Updates to the Roku plugin for Eclipse

Latest version includes enhanced code completion and bug fixes



In April, we introduced the Roku plugin for the Eclipse IDE to simplify Roku development, debugging, and local deployment. The main features included:

  • Code highlighting & syntax coloring to make your code easily readable
  • Code completion & hints to save you the time of referencing specific parameters, methods, and nodes when you get stuck
  • Built-in Telnet console for speedy debugging

We’ve recently released an update to the Roku plugin built for Eclipse Neon, the latest version of the IDE. This updated plugin includes all of the existing features, as well as some enhanced abilities and bug fixes. Continue reading

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USB Media Auto-launch

Launch channels automatically when USB media is inserted



New in firmware version 7.5, developers can now enable channels to automatically launch when a USB media device is inserted. This feature is ideal for channels that read from USB devices such as media players, photo viewers, and other related file browsing apps.

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Developer highlights for Roku OS 7.5

OS 7.5

Roku OS 7.5 focuses primarily on making SceneGraph development more intuitive, as well as supporting text-to-speech functionality for CVAA compliance. The OS will be sent to all Roku devices in phases throughout the coming months.

OS 7.5 — System Update

Below is a high-level overview of developer updates in OS 7.5. For our full developer documentation, visit our SDK docs and developer GitHub page.

To read release notes for Roku customers, visit the Roku blog.
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Developer Updates: Roku Publishing Platform

Roku Direct Publisher


October was a massive month for Roku developers, introducing several new tools that simplify the experience of developing, publishing, debugging, and monitoring Roku channels.

At a glance, the October updates include:

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Give us your feedback — take the 2016 Platform Survey!

Take the Roku Platform Survey!

As 2016 nears a close, the Roku Developer Relations team has already begun prioritizing our efforts for the coming year. To help inform our decision making, we’re asking all Roku developers and publishing partners to complete our 2016 Platform Survey.

Take the survey:

This 10-minute survey is your chance to directly tell us how we can better serve your needs as a developer on our platform! Our team is responsible for supporting the efforts of our developer community, including:

  • Writing SDK documentation
  • Building sample channels
  • Distributing developer tools
  • Creating instructional how-to guides
  • Resolving bugs
  • Offering developer support

How do you find news about our platform? Do you learn best through video tutorials, written guides, or picking apart a sample channel? By letting us know how you interact with our platform, we’ll be able to focus our efforts on the tools and communication channels you’re already tapped into.

Your feedback is important to us! Don’t miss this opportunity to tell us what aspects of our platform are working flawlessly and which can stand to be improved.

Help shape our platform in ten minutes by completing the Platform Survey.


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Join the Roku Beta Developer Program!

Join the Beta Developer Program!

There’s no better way to see how an OS performs than by actually using it. That’s why we are excited to open enrollment for the first time ever to the Roku Beta Developer Program! As of today, any developer with a public channel listed in the Roku Channel Store can begin receiving pre-release builds of Roku OS 7.5.

Beta OS access enables developers to test their channels for bugs before Roku OS is released to customers, ensuring your channel is properly optimized for the update when it launches. Developers in the program improve the Roku Platform by reporting bugs and making feature requests, which directly helps the Roku team prioritize our resources. Continue reading

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