Developer Tutorial: Creating Screensavers with SceneGraph

Entertain your viewers with custom screensavers

Sample Screensaver


Screensavers are simply channels designed to be customizable display screens that can be played in the background. Screensavers use the same features as any other channel to design a UI; all they require is a different entry point from the main(). With the release of OS 7.2, screensavers can now be created in SceneGraph for flexible and customizable UIs and animations.

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Developer Highlights for Roku OS 7.2


The Roku OS 7.2 release is focused on SceneGraph improvements, new components for in-channel purchasing and ads, debugger additions, playlist/playback features for audio/video, “Fast Video Start”, and SSL certificate updates for streaming content. You can read the full release notes here: (

To update your Roku OS to the latest version from the Home screen, go to
Settings > System > System update


The following items are key updates and features in the latest Roku OS 7.2 release:

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Channel Certification Checklist Version 2.0 — What’s new?


All published channels on the Roku Platform are certified using the Roku channel certification checklist. This certification process helps ensure all channels meet the quality, design, and functional requirements of the Roku Channel Store.


Quality assurance testing prior to certifying channels!

Developers must QA test channels prior to submitting for certification. In order to make it as easy as possible for developers to get their channels approved quickly, we’ve created the Roku channel certification checklist as a guide for how we test and review channels. Following these steps will ensure a smooth certification experience on the first attempt.

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Developer Tutorial: Deep linking in Roku OS

Navigate directly to channel content by deep linking

Banner ads deep link initiator


On Roku devices, deep linking describes the process of launching channels and media content through an ad, a search result, or the My Feed feature. In order to support the global search interface and advertising initiatives, all Roku channels with indexed content are required to respond to deep link requests. The following guide details how to integrate deep linking on your Roku channel. Continue reading

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Recap of our recent Roku HQ meet-ups!

Hundreds of developers and publishers have come to the Roku headquarters in the past two months from all across the world — Silicon Valley, New York, Canada, Mexico, and the midwest — to attend our first two meet-ups. The meet-ups, focused on the Roku Platform and Cloud Services, covered key platform milestones and new products while giving the Roku community a chance to meet their cohorts and share ideas.

Roku Developer Meetup

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Developers: Connecting photo streams in Roku OS!


Roku OS is at the core of all we stream, watch, and build. Part of our mission is to push the boundaries of what both connected TVs and set-top boxes can do for our audience. Today we’re sharing a data connector that allows developers to directly integrate photo services.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.28.25 AMThis post provides an outline to our new data connector, in addition to its technical specifications. Channel developers and photo API services will find many possible use cases. We would love to hear feedback on this exploratory feature. Continue reading

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Developer Tutorial: Packaging a channel for distribution

Channel packaging, generating keys, rekeying, and screenshots



Publishing on the Roku Channel Store requires several core items — such as source code, images, and fonts — to be “packaged.” This enables developers to securely publish channels while keeping all intellectual property safely encrypted. The process of “packaging a channel” uses cryptographic hardware built into Roku devices and creates an encrypted package that can be easily and securely distributed on Roku devices.

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The Roku plugin for Eclipse

Speed up the development, testing, and publishing for channels

Note: We’ve updated the plugin – see updated details below.


With over 80,000 developers on the platform, we have been working to improve the experience of building channels on the Roku Platform. Today, we’re excited to share an open beta for the revamped Roku plugin for Eclipse!

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Roku Billing Services

Monetize your audience through direct channel payments

Roku-Screen-Shot-4_7_16,-10.08-PM  Roku Screen Shot 4:7:16, 10.05 PM


Roku Billing Services is the payment processing technology for all channels on the Roku platform. It enables developers to integrate directly with our billing infrastructure, reduce customer support costs and effectively monetize channels. Continue reading

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Developer Tutorial: Roku Billing Services

Setting up pricing models and creating products for Roku channels



This guide will focus on setting up an in-channel product and how to use that product in a sample channel. For developers new to billing, make sure to review our Roku Billing Services guide. Continue reading

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