This week’s selection….Halloween ScreamSaver.

This free screensaver app will get you in the mood for one of my favorite holidays of the year with a variety of spooky scenes, sounds and screams. There’s nothing too graphic, but you might want to use some caution around your little ghosts or goblins.

You can find it under ‘Screensavers & Apps‘ in the Roku Channel Store. Check it out…if you dare!

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This week we’ve given you a real mixed bag of recommendations so there is something for everyone! Our film suggestions range from ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ to ‘The Other Woman’, or if you fancy a change re-watch The MOBO Awards and catch the star performances.

Let us know what you watch in the comments below!

  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Movie) – After her triumph in the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen travels through the districts on a “Victor’s Tour” while a rebellion gathers steam around her. Watch it now on Netflix.
  • The Other Woman (Movie) – After discovering her boyfriend (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is married, Amber (Cameron Diaz) accidentally meets the wife he’s been cheating on (Leslie Mann)…and realises they have much in common. When yet another affair is discovered (Kate Upton), all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on their cheating, lying, ex. Available on Sky Store.
  • Maleficent (Movie) – Disney tweaks the Sleeping Beauty legend for the visually sumptuous tale of Maleficent (Angelina Jolie), a good fairy-turned-bad who spends years trying to atone for an act of malice. Her victim is Aurora (Elle Fanning), the daughter of her former love Stefan, who was seduced by power instead of the virtues of Maleficent herself. Available on Sky Store.
  • House of Lies (Series) – Based on the hit book House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time, House of Lies stars Oscar nominee Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan, a cut-throat consultant who fleeces the rich in a bid to transform his consultancy firm into the best in the business. Watch it on Now TV.
  • Tyrant (Series) – Tyrant tells a story of power, ambition, corruption and seduction: a compelling family drama set against the beautiful backdrop of the Middle East…but the lavish, decadent setting masks a simmering hotbed of political turbulence and unrest. Catch season 1 on Now TV.
  • The MOBO Awards – Live coverage of this year’s MOBO Awards hosted by Sarah-Jane Crawford and Mel B. Including performances from Jessie J, Krept and Konan, Professor Green and Ella Eyre. Stream it now on ITV Player.
  • Trust Me, I’m a Doctor (Series) – Going behind the headlines to answer health questions. Dr Chris van Tulleken investigates whether garlic, beetroot and watermelon can reduce blood pressure. Catch it on BBC iPlayer.
  • Homeland (Series) – Compelling and contemporary US thriller about a troubled and unorthodox CIA agent, starring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin. The anticipated fourth series has just started and you can catch the first two episodes now on 4oD.
  • Wentworth Prison (Series) – Australia’s most famous correctional centre reopens its gates once again for the second series of this edgy re-imagining of Prisoner: Cell Block H. Catch up on the new series now on Demand 5.

Golden Oldie:

  • Escape from Alcatraz (Movie) – This 1979 Clint Eastwood classic sees lifer Frank Morris plan his unauthorised departure from Alcatraz in this thriller based on the penitentiary’s only successful jailbreak. Watch it now on Netflix.


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Halloween is just a week away so fire up your Roku Screaming Stick (see what we did there? ;)) and stream some spooky picks. Whether you prefer vampires, monsters, witches, slashers or séances, there’s something below for you – no matter your fright tolerance level.

  • American Horror Story (TV Show, 2011) – A family of three moves from Boston to Los Angeles to reconcile its painful past.  Available to watch on Amazon Instant VideoM-GO, Netflix and Vudu.
  • Scream (Movie, 1996) – A psycho killer targets a past victim’s daughter, while tabloid TV reporter homes in on his identity. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster On Demand, Netflix and Vudu.
  • Monsters, Inc. (Movie, 2001) – A blue behemoth and his short, one-eyed assistant work in a giant factory that exists to scare children. Available to watch on Blockbuster On Demand, M-GO and Vudu.
  • The Mummy (Movie, 1999) – A young man opens a tomb unleashing a mummy seeking revenge for a curse laid upon him 3,000 years earlier. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster On Demand, M-GO and Vudu.
  • Hocus Pocus (Movie, 1993) – Halloween trick-or-treaters come face to face with three witch sisters from the past in Salem, Massachusetts.  Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and Vudu.
  • The Blair Witch Project (Movie, 1999) – A filmmaking crew hikes into Maryland’s Black Hills Forest seeking clues about a legendary witch. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster On Demand, M-GO, Netflix and Vudu.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Show, 2003) – Buffy Summers, destined to slay vampires, demons and other infernal creatures, deals with her life fighting evil. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, M-GO, Netflix and Vudu.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Movie, 2012) – The death of his mother at the hands of a vampire launches Abraham Lincoln on a 45-year quest to avenge her and eliminate the undead scourge from the world. Available to watch on M-GO and Vudu.
  • The Addams Family (Movie, 1991) – Stepping out of the pages of Charles Addams’ cartoons and the 1960s television series, members of the beloved, macabre family take to the big screen. Available to watch on Amazon Instant VideoM-GONetflix and Vudu.
  • The House of the Devil (Movie, 2009) – A couple have sinister plans for a young woman staying at their house during a lunar eclipse. Available to watch Amazon Instant VideoHulu, Netflix and Vudu.
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Does your current TV situation look a little like this?

Photo credit: @uberzealot

Well, you’re due for a new living room makeover…on us! Just upload a photo of your current living room set up and tell us why you need a brand new 55″ TCL Roku TV and home theater system.

On November 13, we’ll post the ten finalists for public voting.

Click here to get started. Good luck. :)

U.S. only, excluding U.S. terriories

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This week’s selection….Smithsonian Channel.

Experience all the world has to offer without leaving the comfort of your own home.  Just like the Smithsonian museums in Washington D.C., it’s all free! Plus, they’ve got something for everyone in your household: history, wildlife, science, travel, space, culture, nature, and much more. From The King’s Speech Revealed and Secrets: Easter Island to Blondie’s New York and Silicon Valley Rebels, you’re sure to find something up your alley.

You can find it under “Movies and TV” in the Roku Channel Store.  Check it out…you’ll be glad you did!

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Without further ado, start to tackle your overbooked watch list by indulging in Westerns, thrillers, alien adventures and must-see historical dramas.

  • Mr Peabody & Sherman (Movie, 2014) – Mr. Peabody (Ty Burrell) is an inventor, scientist and genius who just happens to be a dog. With his son Sherman, he will embark on the most extraordinary adventure imaginable as they race against time to repair history and save the future. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and VUDU.
  • Swelter (Movie, 2014) – Ten years after their last casino heist, four escaped convicts trace their former partner to a desert town, where he is now a lawman with no memory.  Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Vudu.
  • Tammy (Movie, 2014) — After losing her job, wrecking her car and discovering her husband’s infidelity, a woman hits the road with her feisty grandmother. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and Vudu.
  • Earth to Echo (Movie, 2014) – Youngsters investigate the source of strange, encoded messages on their cell phones and discover a stranded mechanical alien who desperately needs their help. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and Vudu.
  • Doctor Who Season 8 (TV Show, 2014) – A Time Lord travels through the universe and time. Recently released on Amazon Instant Video and also available on Vudu.
  • The Tomorrow People Season 1 (TV Show, 2013) – Stephen helps genetically advanced teenagers hide from the paramilitary group and they work together to defeat the forces of evil.  Recently released on Netflix.
  • Cowgirls n’ Angels (Movie, 2012) – A girl joins rodeo trick-riders and embarks on a tour with them in the hope that she will find her long-lost father along the way. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and Vudu.  
  • Why Stop Now? (Movie, 2012) – Scoring drugs for his addict mother is but one of piano prodigy’s problems as he tries to get his family’s affairs in order before he heads out to an important audition. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video and Netflix.
  • Heatstroke (Movie, 2013) – On a trip through the African desert, a scientist is murdered by an arms dealer. His girlfriend has to evade the killers, protect the scientist’s teenage daughter. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO, Netflix and Vudu.
  • Defiance (Movie, 2009) – In 1941 three refugee brothers turn a daily struggle to survive into a personal battle to save their people from the Nazis. Available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO, Netflix and Vudu.
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This week we’ve seen some of our favourite shows return with a brand new series. These include The Apprentice, The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow and Peaky Blinders. And the good news is that they are all available to watch on Roku whenever you like! There’s lots more to watch though, read some of our recommendations below and let us know what you watch by posting in the comments box below.

  • Whitechapel (Series) – When a modern-day killer mimics the murders of Jack the Ripper, a team of detectives and a tour guide join forces to bring the copycat to justice. Watch it now on Netflix.
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Movie) – Thorin and his band of dwarves flee the Orcs, pushing Bilbo toward a confrontation with the dragon Smaug in the second instalment of the Hobbit saga. Watch it now on Netflix.
  • Workaholics (Series) – Meet Blake, Adam and ‘The Ders’ – Three best friends who work together from 9 to 5, live together from 5 to 9 and party together 24/7! Watch the start of season 3 on Now TV.
  • For a Few Dollars More (Movie) – Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name returns for another fistful of spaghetti Western action, hooking up with Lee Van Cleef’s rival bounty hunter to track down a sadistic killer. With anti-heroes as dry and unforgiving as the desert, maniacally laughing villains, and expertly conducted gunplay, it’s another great blast from Serge Leone’s West. Catch it on Now TV.
  • Where the Devil Hides (Movie) – In the devout community of New Bethlehem, six girls are born on the same day to different mothers. Eighteen years later they are approaching adulthood when – one by one – they start to mysteriously disappear. The finger of suspicion points at the village leaders led by Elder Beacon (Colm Meaney) but there are also rumours of a serial killer…or a more supernatural terror. Watch it now on Sky Store.
  • Starred Up (Movie) – An explosively violent 19-year-old offender (Jack O’Connell) is transferred to adult prison where he finally meets his match in a jail-hardened lifer – his father (Ben Mendelsohn). Rupert Friend is the counsellor who tries to reconcile the two, but his work is cut out under the uncaring regime of a pitiless governor (Sam Spruell). Available on Sky Store.
  • Freshers (Series) – Reality entertainment series exploring the experiences and personal stories of freshers as they laugh, cry, party and panic through their way through the first week at university. Watch the first episode now on ITV Player.
  • Drifters (Series) – Watch the second series of this comedy exclusively on 4oD. In the first episode Meg is traumatised when her parents announce a trial separation. But perhaps fit new neighbour Scott, who offers to practise his counselling skills on her, can ease the pain?
  • The Apprentice (Series) – Catch up with the first two episodes of the latest series which sees ambitious entrepreneurs start their fight for a life-changing investment from Lord Sugar. Both are available now on  BBC iPlayer.
  • No Foreigners Here – 100% British (Documentary) – This series takes a warm and humorous look at what it means to be British. The first three episodes, covering both weddings and parenting, are available to stream now on Demand 5.

Golden Oldie:

  • Thelma and Louise (Movie) – Good girls Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis ditch their unworthy menfolk and take a wild ride into movie folklore in Ridley Scott’s exhilarating road movie. Not only a feminist rebel yell but a touching tale of friendship, it takes everyone on a funny and unforgettable trip over the edge. Watch this 1991 drama on Now TV.


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We can’t think of a better way to start your Thursday than to let you know that you’ll have a new Roku channel waiting for you when you get home. Today, we’re happy to announce that Roku players are the first streaming devices to offer the new Los Angeles Times Originals channel.

Available now in the Roku Channel Store, the Los Angeles Times Originals channel features more than 70 short and long-form videos across a variety of categories including Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports, and Documentaries. The videos, which are all original productions, capture some of the most compelling, unique video content available anywhere. But then again, what else would you expect from the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the country?

In addition to the available video categories, the Los Angeles Times Originals channel will feature a Breaking News category that will dynamically appear in the channel when a major news event is taking place.

A few examples of videos that are available in the channel today include:

  • “The Envelope Screening Series”– Times entertainment writers in lively and revealing behind-the-scenes discussions with the stars and filmmakers of award season hopefuls
  • “Space Shuttle Endeavour Remembered” – charting the course of the spacecraft from its construction to its final trek through L.A. and its new home at the California Science Center
  • “Market Fresh” – food editor Russ Parsons’ engaging tips on how to select the best ingredients and take care of them once you’ve brought them home
  • “Out of Bounds” – sports reporter Melissa Rohlin’s off-court interviews with Clippers and Lakers players

The content available today is a great indication of what you can expect from new videos that will appear on the channel on a regular basis. I know this channel will quickly take a spot among my personal Roku favorites.

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Get in shape before the New Year! CosmoBody is now available on Roku in the U.S. on all Roku players and Roku TV.

CosmoBody on Roku offers members unlimited access to a growing library of online yoga, cardio, dance, interval, and strength training videos – all under 30 minutes! Easy-to-follow fitness programs and fresh workouts added weekly help you beat workout boredom and avoid plateaus.

Work out like an A-lister with CosmoBody’s celebrity trainers. They’ll share moves and routines they use to get Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Hugh Jackman and many others into red carpet-shape.

In addition to the huge library of fitness videos, CosmoBody delivers healthy food recipes, tips on living healthier, relationship advice and more.

So what are you waiting for? You can add the CosmoBody channel for $9.95 per month after a free 10-day trial.

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Your weekend just got more entertaining! CinemaNow is now available on Roku in the U.S. on all *current-generation players and Roku TV.

CinemaNow on Roku offers the hottest new movie releases such as Million Dollar Arm, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Sleeping Beauty and much more. Don’t know what you want to watch? It’s easy to browse their movie library by genre or studio and add them to your CinemaNow Wish List to stream later.

Also, don’t miss CinemaNow’s Halloween movie sale going on now – it includes popular titles such as Beetlejuice (don’t say that three times!), The Shining, Gremlins and more.

Missed this week’s American Horror Story episode? Don’t fret. CinemaNow delivers Next Day TV in addition to a vast collection of TV show seasons so you can catch up anytime.

Decisions, decisions…so, what’s on your stream list this weekend?

*Current generation players are those introduced after June 2011 and include Roku 3 (4200X), Roku 2 (2720X), Roku 1 (2710X), Roku Streaming Stick, both HDMI (3500X) and Roku Ready (3400X, 3420X) versions, Roku LT (2400X, 2450X, 2700X), Roku 2 HD (3000X), Roku 2 XD (3050X), Roku 2 XS (3100X) and the Roku HD (2500X).

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