Today, the Roku music experience got even better. We’re excited to announce the arrival of Amazon Cloud Player!

With the Amazon Cloud player channel, you can browse and enjoy your entire Cloud Player collection by artist, album, song, playlist or genre.

In addition, you can:

  • Shuffle play an album, all songs from an artist, all songs within a genre, a playlist or even all songs
  • Search for any album, artist or song in your account
  • Enjoy your music collection in high-quality 256 Kbps audio
  • View song details and album art on a smooth scrolling screensaver
  • Continue playback while browsing and quickly access the “Now Playing” song through a shortcut

Amazon Cloud Player requires Roku software version 4.9 and is available in the U.S. on Roku 2, Roku LT, Roku HD (model 2500) and the Roku Streaming Stick. You can find it in the Music category of the Roku Channel Store or add it here.

To use the channel, you must sign up for an Amazon Cloud Player account. You can import 250 songs for free or 250,000 songs for $24.99 per year. Any Amazon MP3 purchases are stored automatically for free.

Happy Streaming!

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  • It doesn’t appear to work on my Roku. Bummer. How can I tell which Roku I have? Thanks.

    • EnTerr

      Very easy, actually – take a ruler and measure Roku’s length or width. If it’s 4 inches or less, you have the “Roku2 series” player, which TomM is talking of. If it is 5″ instead, it is “Roku1 series”. Roku naming is a bit of morass, as i have complained before.

      A bit more rigorous would be to find the model number from the sticker on the bottom and look up in the table here

    • James Reardon

      Adam, Try running updates first on your roku, more often than not it just needs an update every once in a while.

    • So no support for first generation? That’s irritating. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the cloud. Now that it’s here, I can’t use it. I’ll check on updates, but I think I already tried that. I added the channel but it doesn’t show up. It also is not in my channel store. My model is only a couple of years old. It’s hard to believe they don’t offer the same services for earlier models.

      • Sorry, Adam! We’re committed to offering the best possible experience at the best price, and exciting new features and content sometimes require new hardware. While we have continued to provide free software upgrades for all players, some new channels and features require more computational power, memory and/or flash than we were able to include in earlier Roku players. If you’re ready to upgrade, we’re currently offering a great deal on fully certified, factory refurbished Roku 2 XD and XS players in our Channel Store under the Shop Roku Deals section.

        • My concern with buying a new model (when the old one seems to work mostly fine) is: what happens when the new lineup comes out? Will my Roku again be left behind?

          Also, since the Amazon Cloud application works on the Streaming Stick, does that mean that the Streaming Stick has more computational power than my XDS?

          • n2it

            +1 on this. and Spotify too, both appear to be a no go on the XDS. I have my XDS hooked up to an old receive via optical and component video … features which no longer exist … can’t afford to upgrade my receiver everytime a new roku comes out … give us some love on the older models!

          • linrey

            Mine too is an XDS and it’s a really good ROKU box – don’t want another, just want MUSIC from my Amazon Cloud Drive to play on my TV.

        • JC

          I was disappointed, after spending time trying to get it on my Roku. Would have been nice if they had listed that on the channel store and not saying it had installed it.

          Actually though, no big deal. I hadn’t used it in quite a while, and just dug it out of the closet when the HD on my htpc died. It’s done yeoman’s service in watching Netflix and Amazon Instant while I am waiting for the new drive to get here. After the PC is up and running again, it’ll go back in the closet.

        • Stan

          This is really ridiculous to not offer the channel on the older boxes. You expect us to believe they can steam netflix and other movies but don’t have the tech to stream music? I’ve bought two roku boxes over the last few years and will not be buying more if this is the service I can expect. At minimum there should be a roku trade in program. Shame on Roku, Inc. for trying to rip off their earliest supporters.

        • Joe Burge

          Uh huh, time to consider another vendor’s product. As others have expressed, so tired of the “replace” line. So all the original backers that made Roku what it is today are screwed?

  • Tom

    Thanks Roku!

  • Awesome!

  • TBR

    Google Play? You Tube? Redbox Instant? Are these even being looked at or considered?

    • I’d really like youtube, google play, redbox instant too.

      • you get youtube from the plex channel

        • Says “works with myPlex and your personal Plex Media Server enabling Plex…”.
          What is myPlex and what is Plex Media Server? Is this something else we have to buy?

    • YouTube already available.

  • EnTerr

    And here is your first bug report! Just installed the channel, brand new cloud player account, click on “Playlists”, the very first thing – “Loading Playlists…” shows and stays there forever, hanging.

    Don’t you, ummm… test those things? You know, have a QA kick the tires, see if it works.

    • Hi there, so sorry to hear this! We’ll look into it right away-thanks for letting us know.

      • EnTerr

        @twitter-20282100:disqus and here is your 2nd bug report. Follow those steps to crash the player:

        1) Go to “Genres” from main menu
        2) Select a genre
        3) Select either “Shuffle & Play” or “Play All Albums”
        4) Select last item “Go to genre”
        Boom. There is “Loading…”, couple of screens blink and we are out to main menu.

  • nobodyknose

    Has it been taken down from the Chanel store? I have a 2 xs and don’t see it listed.

  • This is a GREAT addition, Roku!

  • Curtis Pogue

    When will this be available for first generation Roku boxes?

    • Probably never. Unbelievably lame move.

    • linrey

      NOT happy – big FAIL for Amazon.

  • Bummer, there’s a charge? Heck, Pandora’s shuffle makes me happy for notta! Thanks!

  • txmyke

    Now the remote app needs to be updated so you can choose/switch playlists without having to look at the tv. I listen to music on the patio and certainly don’t want to have to walk inside to change a playlist.

  • Gene Wilson

    This channel crashes every time I’ve tried to use it on my Roku HD:

    1. Go to the recently added playlist

    2. Go to an album
    3. Try to play it.
    4. Watch the ROKU logo appear as the box crashes hard and reboot.

  • Just about everyday I sell someone on the idea of Roku and they say “I’m going to look it up”. Any chance of earning an updated Roku box for number of referrals? Or even the Roku Remote or HDMi cable? I think it is the most fantastic invention since television.

  • This is NOT in the UK Roku store, despite Amazon MP3/Cloud Player being available here on other platforms. (such as iOS – I use it daily)

    I shouldn’t be surprised, this is typical of Roku’s total disregard for the handful of mugs in the UK who bought a Roku based on a lot of promises (now lies) about the wonderful line-up of content you would have here. Precious little of it was ever delivered on, and so I now advise anyone who asks to buy an Xbox for their streaming needs.

    You blew it in the UK in a big way.

  • I was really looking forward to this, yet it really doesn’t work. Crashes the roku constantly, and all customer service can say is that the issue has been “escalated,” and to only play albums, not playlists. Really??

  • Donald B.

    I agree with others who have expressed frustration that this channel will not play on older models. If it wasn’t for people like us supporting and buying these first generation models, telling our friends and family about them, there wouldn’t be a following. My Roku is just over a year old and now I am already having to upgrade and buy ANOTHER model if I want the cloud as a channel? That’s BS.

  • Phil

    Constant stuttering of music using cloud player for roku LT. streams perfectly from other devices. Pretty much unlistenable at this point.

  • nafsub

    Seems unplayable on Roku LT. Just connected and updated the box so I assume it has current firmware. I think I got through one song after the initial install, but after that it crashes shortly after I push play….loading…..crash.
    Very excited to find this app…as the service is great.
    Where would be the best place to check on the status of the app? fixes, etc?

  • SCH

    Isn’t working for me at all. No matter how I try to access my music, by album, artist or song, the roku crashes and reboots. Totally useless to me at this point. And I’ve been waiting for this channel for such a long time. Very disappointing. I hope there’s a fix soon.

  • This Channel is far from ready for primetime with the Roku LT. Crashes, restarts my Ro

  • John Babb

    Having installed Amazon Cloud player and uploaded music to the Cloud, I can’t find away to manage the music. Some of the uploads have wrong albums associated and some I do not even own. Is there any way to manage this? Correct the mis-matches.

  • karenmc498

    Why can’t i get amazon cloud on Roku XD or HD if it has an hdmi connection and a wifi server? thanks KMC

  • Mark Vanderberg

    When will the application be updated for the new Amazon music prime?

  • Roberta

    None of my playlists or recently added songs show up on the Amazon Music app. Just some music I purchased in 2014. In fact, it appears that the version of Amazon Music on my Roku player (2500x) is version 1.1. WTH?? How do i get the latest version of Amazon Music? You know, the one that is downloaded on my iPhone and tablet?

  • Vikas Puri

    bought the Roku streaming player from Amazon, just recieved it , but there is no Amazon channel on it, how do I get it. Also tried the mobile app, cant get the private listening feature, need support. my email id is