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Give us your feedback — take the 2016 Platform Survey!

As 2016 nears a close, the Roku Developer Relations team has already begun prioritizing our efforts for the coming year. To help inform our decision making, we’re asking all Roku developers and publishing partners to complete our 2016 Platform Survey. Take the … Continue reading

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How Roku channels work

Understand hosting, streaming, and building channels on the Roku Platform Overview The Roku platform has thousands of channels, streaming over 5.5 billion hours of content to our audience in 2015. As the industry leader in streaming devices and channel offerings, it’s … Continue reading

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Changes Coming Soon to the Roku Developer Agreement

Dear Roku Developer: Thank you for choosing the Roku platform. With support from developers like you, Roku continues to offer consumers the broadest selection of content for streaming to the TV. We also continue to invest in the scale and … Continue reading

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New Closed Caption Features for BrightScript Developers

Over the past few months, Roku has added a number of improvements to closed caption support for its non-legacy devices. First, the Roku platform recently added a new settings UI screen for controlling closed captions across all channels installed on … Continue reading

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Supporting In App Purchases in Your Roku BrightScript Channels

Monetizing applications is a common requirement for software developers. Roku developers are no different. Fortunately, the Roku platform has great support for in-app purchases. This article will cover everything you need to know to start monetizing your Roku channels with … Continue reading

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Building a Custom Video Player

Have you ever wanted to create your own video player for your Roku channels?  Most channels use the roVideoScreen template provided with the SDK.  But you can create your own video player using the roVideoPlayer component.

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Creating Custom BrightScript UIs with Image Canvas

To round out our introductory coverage of BrightScript custom user interface development, we turn our attention to the image canvas component.

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Colliding Sprites

Our last installment introduced using the BrightScript 2D API to create sprites and animations.  In this article we will look at how to add collisions to sprite animations.

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Sprites and Animations Using the 2D API

In our last article, we took an introductory look at using the BrightScript 2D API.  The coverage there was pretty high level, and focused on basics like drawing simple shapes, images, and text on single buffered roScreens.  In this article, … Continue reading

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Introducing the BrightScript 2D API

In many of our recent articles, we have looked at how to use the screen and other UI templates offered by the BrightScript SDK. These components are great for getting your channels developed quickly and for giving them the standard … Continue reading

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