Get Started

Step 1: Sign up as developer at
Step 2: Download SDK from
Step 3: Read through the documentation starting with the Developer Guide.
Step 4: Continue going through the BrightScript Reference and Component Reference
Step 5: Modify the simplevideoplayer example to point to an example stream of your own to confirm that it plays
Step 6: Modify the videoplayer example to create a channel with xml feeds that allows browsing of multiple files
Step 7: Check the other examples and the Component reference for pertinent features you may want to add to your channel.
Step 8: Review the Design Guidelines and the “Before Publishing Checklist” at the end of the Developer Guide to check your channel design
Step 9: Submit your channel for publishing by Roku
Step 10: We are currently reviewing channel submissions on Thursdays. Assuming your channel meets the Design Guidelines and there are no legal issues, it may take a couple weeks after your submission for your channel to actually be published in the channel store.

  • Lhgrubbs

    My little Roku 2 box doesn’t respond to a telnet request. Tried a variety of ports along with 8080, 8085 and the defaults.

    • Gmatz

      Try hitting it with nmap ( to see how it’s listening

    • Paras Nath Chaudhary

      Developer mode can be activated by pressing the following key combinations: Home key -3 times, Up key 2 times, Right key, Left Key, Right Key, Left Key, Right Key
      Once developer mode is activated, you can telnet to Roku box. If it doesn’t respond, restart the roku and telnet again.
      I am using Roku 2. For me I have to restart the device everytime my roku doesn’t respond to telnet request.

  • Cmilian

    I am looking for an experienced Roku Developer for a project we can partner on. Please reach out to me at

  • Norm

    Would the top streaming old time station on the Internet be considered for inclusion? I don’t own it but I’d like to point them here.


  • Norm

    Correction. Would the top streaming old time RADIO station on the Internet be considered for inclusion? I don’t own it but I’d like to point them here. It’s YesterdayUSA if you’re curious.


  • John Watts

    where/how do I get the simplevideoplayer example

    • LeRoy Grubbs

      It is part of the developer package with the download.

  • Chase Erwing

    I am Chase from India.I want to develop channel for Roku. I have downloaded Roku
    SDK after registered account and started to develop with brightscript. But
    later on, I knew that I must have Roku devices to develop Roku channel. SDK
    doesn’t provide simulator or player for testing or development with SDK and it
    doesn’t provide service in other countries except USA and Canada.

    So I want to know that is there any ways to develop such
    channels? Can I develop channel without device? Will you please guide me about


    • LeRoy

      I would be happy to work with you with the development of a Roku Channel. Contact me there or through Facebook.

  • Charlie

    I currently have a channel on Roku. We would like to upgrade to a format where our programs are pay-per-view and or free-per-view depending on what we post. Currently we air a live feed, but would like to discontinue that. Can someone give me some advice on how to move forward with that?

    Thank you,

  • saidj

    i want add my channel to Roku.. but i don’t have computing skills.. do the developers help you with that..

  • Ross

    Can you use developer mode with a roku stick?

  • Tony

    Hi, I have an existing application written in C++ that I would like to be ported over to the Roku platform and I would like to know if they are any developers who would be interested in taking on the task. If any one is interested please contact me at